Appendices -- Useful Supplemental Information

About Small Craft Sails

Deploying Traditional Sails

Ductailed Boltrope

Handsewn Rings

Reef Pendant Fairleads

Determining Spar Bend

About Boltropes

Sprit Booms

Sailmaking Books

Books on Small-Craft Rigs

Knot and Rigging Books

Finishing Sails

Custom Finish

Brailing Up

Spar Diameters and Tapers

Hoops, Robands, & Lacing

The Sole Prop

Traditional Colors

About Reefs

Grommets and Rings

Why Jacklines?

Published Articles

The Bypass Reef

Twin Forestays

One-Hand Reefing

Half-Wishbone Mule

Apprentice Sailmakers

The Art of Sculling

The Dabbler Conversion

Book Reviews

Sailmaker's Apprentice

Guide to Small Boat Sails

The Chinese Sailing Rig

Ashley's Book of Knots